Basketball Academy

Our basketball school is based on working with children up to ten years, which forms the basis for the youth categories of the club. In our Basketball Academy we have: “The Playground” (3 to 6 years), “The Classroom” (6 to 10 years) and “The Workshop” (10 to 12 years).

Complete program of the Basketball Academy was written by Bratislav Bata Đorđević, legendary coach and father of Aleksandar Đorđević. Games and training process are placed in outstanding conditions Dynamic Arena.

Youth teams are led by a senior basketball coach Nikola Marković, a longtime associate of Miroslav Nikolic and the assistant coach of many national teams of our country.

Our children are taught by young basketball coaches, former players, with great experience in the social and motor training of, led by coach Nemanja Kovačević.


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