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Dynamic VIP PAY has, in the last few years, built an infrastructure on which can envy many European teams. Dynamic’s youth are now training in perhaps the most modern gym, not only in Belgrade, but in the whole Serbia. This is an investment in the future our kids, Dynamic and the City of Belgrade.

The club established itself as a valuable partner and created the basic conditions so that Dynamic Arena can be the very best sports center Dorćol has to offer.

Dynamic Arena is a sports gym which provides excellent conditions for professional training, as well as recreation.
Arena is air-conditioned, with the surround sound system and LED lighting. It is equipped with licensed parquet – Junkers, Elan baskets, Elan goals and wall-bars with mats. Dressing rooms have underfloor heating, showers and lockers.

Dynamic Arena with it’s modern and professional equipment enables the organization of numerous sports events in basketball, volleyball and football, as well as team building activities.

Himna KK Dynamic
Autori: Mlađan Dinkić i Saša Milošević
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