On Monday, August 5th, KK DYNAMIC VIP PAY began pre-season training sessions at Dynamic Arena in Belgrade neighborhood of Dorćol.

Players that were present at the start of pre season: Dušan Beslać, Bogan Tejić, Vuk Vulikić, Vladimir Radomirović, Aleksandar Sokolović, Dušan Stojičić, Toma Vasiljević, Aleksa Stepanović, Danilo Ostojić, Ivan Smiljanić, Ognjen Lacmanović, Vuk Knežević and Petar Jojić.

The team will soon be accompanied with a couple of other first-team players who got the privilege of longer holidays due to their obligations in the national team. 

Our sports director Mirko Pavlović shared his thoughts and expectations regarding the start of new season: ” On request of our Head Coach Miro Alilović, our roster has been strengthened on two positions with signing of Ivan Smiljanić and Aleksandar Sokolović. I consider them to be right guys for our club and I expect them to improve our game with their quality and experience. I believe that, with good pre-season period and friendly matches, everything will fall to its place, and our set goals will seem more realistic. Speaking of goals, this season we aim to qualify to ABA2 trough KLS, and to remain in competition for highest rank in the regional league. The Club strategy remains the same – senior team consists of a big number of young and up-and-coming basketball players, and we will recruit even more in the time ahead. Systematic and professional workload will develop a large number of promising players with the aim of filling the first team from our ranks. High-Quality work in the younger categories is still an absolute imperative.“

Apart from new signings in our roster, Dynamic got new names in our expert staff. New physiotherapist is Milan Bosić, and fitness trainer is Miloš Cvetanović.

First match in ABA2 league BC DYNAMIC VIP PAY will play on 2nd of October – away match in Split, Croatia.