KK Dynamic VIP PAY is pleased to announce that in the 2019-20 season we will play in the regional ABA 2 league for the third time in a row. The Assembly of the ABA League has decided to give Dynamic an invitation to participate, as the third-ranked club of the Serbian Basketball League (KLS).

In the season that followed, Dynamic played in the regional competition with the youngest team in the league and achieved a high fifth place, falling one place short from the playoffs, and these games were valuable for the affirmation and experience of our players.

“We are pleased that ABA League management has recognized the value of our club and the efforts we make to provide the best conditions for the players and staff, and above all, our work to develop talented young players. The league has recognized Dynamic as a club that deserves an invitation and can stably put all its commitments in the ABA2 league. We will take on this challenge and will do our utmost to show the results on the field. We will prove that we are the team for the greatest reaches”, said Velibor Jojic, President of KK Dynamic VIP PAY.

The Club from Dorćoll will begin its regional competition on October 2, with a visit to Split.